Why not give a Past Life Regression session with Steve Burgess, one of the country’s leading Past Life Therapists? Past Life Regression gift vouchers are available for only £75 per session. The price includes a 60-90 minute session as well as a copy of Steve’s ‘Discovering Your Past Lives’ CD to play at home after the session.


This intriguing book is the story of some of Steve's clients who in regression sessions appear to have been very famous historical characters in their previous lives. These famous past lives include Queen Elizabeth I, her elder sister Queen Mary, one of Jack the Ripper's prostitute victims, Titus Oates from the Scott of the Antartic Expedition and William Shakespeare.

Whilst in trance, Steve's clients give fascinating accounts of their past life alter egos, often experiencing things known only to historians. As they re-live their famous past lives they even provide unknown information, which gives us a fuller insight into the lives of the famous characters, including Elizabeth's passionate affair with Robert Dudley and the fate of their love child, and Shakespeare's travels abroad.

This book may be the book that proves the reality of reincarnation, and will be of interest to both sceptics and spiritually minded people.

Price £8.99 (UK only) including postage

Price £11.65 (Norway and Europe) including postage

Price £13.50 (Rest of the World) including postage



You only live once – or do you?

We appear to have lived many lives before , but as we reincarnate the memories of our former lives tend to be buried in the sub-conscious, where they remain hidden. Hypnosis uses Past Life Regression as the tool to unlock these intriguing memories.


This CD allows you to experience your own past lives using two past life regression visualisations,  in a fascinating way.  Each regression lasts over 30 minutes and the process uses gentle hypnotic relaxation then visualisation to guide you back through time. Discover who you were and how you lived and died and much, much more.


Please note that this CD should not be used as a form of therapy but simply as an interesting way to access past lives. Do not play if you have a history of psychiatric illness or moderate to severe depression.

Price £15.00 including postage



The aim of using this hypnosis CD is to allow you to use the power of your sub-conscious mind in order to create a more natural, comfortable and gentler childbirth experience for both you and your baby. Using hypnosis it is possible to considerably reduce the stress of the birth process, take more control and minimise discomfort.

After the short introductory track, the first track on the CD is a hypnotic relaxation, in which you are asked to imagine yourself relaxing in a beautiful, pleasant place in nature. This track should be played regularly during the earlier period of pregnancy and helps you to feel more relaxed in yourself generally, offsetting the tensions of everyday life.

The second track (to be played often during the last trimester of pregnancy) helps to re-programme the deep, inner mind to anticipate and create a successful, positive, less painful birthing experience.

 Price £15.00 including postage





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